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Now more than ever, winning supplier partnerships are critical in pharma, medtech, and associated businesses. Nagel Strategies helps growth-stage and mature players improve P&L performance through strategic sourcing and well-managed partnerships with suppliers. Our approach is driven by data and guided by clients’ unique expertise and most pressing business objectives.

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Focus on Performance Improvement

The most effective techniques go beyond cutting costs and unlock value, reduce risk, increase cash flow and generate innovation to drive top line growth.

Team Development for Sustained Results

Empower functional leaders and up-and-coming talent with proven tools and frameworks. Engaging with Nagel Strategies means working with existing resources to go after the most pressing needs and opportunities.

Breadth and Depth of Expertise

In order to grow, life sciences and technology companies should expect more out of strategic alliances than ever before. Nagel Strategies pulls from procurement experience at a global healthcare giant, as well as communications and government relations experience for major technology brands.

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Teri Nagel launched her independent consultancy following more than a decade driving smart business growth in healthcare, higher education, and research industries, for powerhouses such as Johnson & Johnson, Georgia Tech, and Carnegie Mellon University. She has led global procurement initiatives delivering millions in cost savings; developed state and federal ​advocacy campaigns influencing revenue growth and policy issues; and led strategic communications for a variety of tech brands. Nagel works with a network of trusted, niche experts and like-minded firms when the project scope requires a team or deeper functional support. With Nagel Strategies, you can expect to improve your ability to manage resources, unlock hidden value in the supply base, and stand up game-changing relationships with key suppliers.

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