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Program Development & Management

Functional leaders often are faced with a directive to boost administrative efficiencies, win more business, or react to unforeseen challenges. Nagel Strategies has helped many department heads develop and manage complex programs to completion using best practices in communications, project management, and cross-functional stakeholder management.

Big Bets Strategy Execution

When the company makes a big bet on an external platform or partner, it’s critical to build a seamless internal/external team where roles are clearly defined and goals/timelines are aligned. Disciplined management practices and cross-functional stakeholder management will ensure success and a faster ROI on these big bets. 

Program Management

When headcount is tight and budgets are even tighter, finding bench strength to execute against goals can be challenging. 

What Clients are Saying

Candy Stripes
Avatar 86

Growth-Stage Manufacturing Company

"Teri is pro-active, responsive, and provided high value knowledge and business experience to the situation. She is an excellent collaborator and took time to truly understand our business need, and facilitated the best-case scenario solution."
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