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Boost Profit & Productivity

Rapid growth often leads to redundant or inefficient processes, Frankenstein-like documentation, and tribal knowledge that is easily lost forever with employee churn. Add pressure to sustain success and launch new products, mid-level leaders may miss opportunities to find best-fit suppliers and onboard for mutual success. At this stage, a company’s suppliers can make or break a business plan.

Especially when vendors are heavily involved, these slapdash systems eat away at profit, expose the company to compliance risks, and leave employees feeling frustrated and burdened by paperwork. Through cross-functional alignment, these internal/external processes can be cleaned up or redesigned rather quickly, saving your team time, improving supplier performance, boosting a culture of compliance, and shaving hours off of workload. In addition to a new process map, deliverables might include a work instruction, standard operating policy, or supplier contract language supporting the new process.  

Spend Reduction Roadmap

Gain visibility to historic and projected spending, then target immediate and long-term initiatives to meet external cost reduction goals. Enable departmental or regional leaders to challenge how they are currently spending and explore more efficient spending strategies to achieve goals. 

Also called “drop-in category management,” targeting a specific category or service, such as packaging, fulfillment, or advertising agencies, and identifying the right vendor at the right price. Take a disciplined approach to identifying your company’s unique needs and each vendor’s current and future strengths. Understand the latest pricing models and innovative services to ensure your team is not missing out on the best fit. Through targeted negotiation or competitive bidding, cut through the clutter and set up the relationship for success through a disciplined, collaborative negotiation strategy. 

Retainer Services

Make Nagel Strategies an extended member of your team to provide ongoing advisory services. When your budget and org are in flux, make Nagel Strategies your go-to resource. Some examples of on-demand services include:

  • reviewing quotes

  • coaching and training

  • facilitating supplier workshops

  • creating playbooks 

  • make vs. buy scenario planning

What Clients are Saying

Candy Stripes
Avatar 86

Growth-Stage Manufacturing Company

"Teri is pro-active, responsive, and provided high value knowledge and business experience to the situation. She is an excellent collaborator and took time to truly understand our business need, and facilitated the best-case scenario solution."
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