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ESG Supply Chain Program Management

A company’s supply network is a primary driver of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

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As standardization efforts, tracking tools, and reporting rquirements evolve, collaboration and communication with suppliers are key to successful ESG initiatives.

Are your expectations clear?

Regardless of a company’s ESG maturity, clear communications and well-designed processes with supplier partners will always be critical to corporate ESG strategy. By aligning expectations internally and adopting a culture of transparency at the outset of supplier relationships, health tech can lead ESG efforts with integrity and efficiency.


Are ESG supply chain goals clearly aligned to corporate strategy? Do your front-line buyers have a consistent approach to communicating with suppliers about ESG commitments?


With unique experience in communications and government affairs, Nagel Strategies can advise health tech leaders on the right words that inspire action both inside and outside the organization. Nagel Strategies also can partner with you to develop or improve supply chain ESG processes, policies and training for all levels of the supply chain organization.

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