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Process Improvement  

Nagel Strategies can help your team think differenty yet compliantly, reduce redundancies and inefficiencies, garner buy-in from various functional stakeholders, and focus on critical areas for success.

Brainstorming Session

What We Do


A critical first step is to set project parameters, identify cross-functional team members, and align on the beginning and ending boundaries of the process that is to be improved. 

Stakeholder Interviews & Process Mapping

Nagel Strategies will work with you to identify the appropriate roles to gather data about the current state, identifying competing priorities and quick win opportunities along the way. 

Process Redesign Workshopping

Live workshops are key to breaking through barriers, unlocking ideas, and aligning on future-state improvements. 

Documentation Updates

Clear policies, work instructions, or standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be developed or revised. 

Rollout Support

A strategic communications and training plan will accelerate adoption of the new process.   .


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