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Capability Building

Accelerate key initiatives with coaching and skill-building opportunities for your supply chain and buying team. Unlike off-the-shelf courses or certification programs, Nagel Strategies works with you to customize an experience to align with evolving corporate strategy, broader market dynamics, and industry best practices.

Business Woman

What We Do​

Free Assessment of Current Operations

Nagel Strategies will  with you at no charge to understand knowledge and skill gaps; internal dynamics and policies; and broader market dynamics to shape key focus areas.

Refine the Go Forward Plan

Nagel Strategies will research industry best practices and propose a program tailored to your unique needs and participants, including pre- during- and post-workshop activities to enhance retention and engagement. We will collaborate closely to design the right messaging and logistics to generate excitement among participants.

Supply Chain Capability Building Topics 

  • Go-To-Market Approach: Examples, activities, and discussion will teach your team when and how to “go to market” with a request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP).

  • Benchmarking and Supplier Market Analysis: In order to develop strong supplier relationships, it is important to understand the unique dynamic and language used in the suppliers’ industry sector. By isolating a spend category or commodity, we will learn techniques to break down an industry and develop valuable insights to help your team develop greater confidence that they are choosing the right supplier at the right cost.

  • Negotiation Frameworks & Strategies: Learn data-driven techniques to create a collaborative, win-win negotiating scenario.

  • Category Strategy Development: Develop tools and techniques to work with key business stakeholders to target a specific spend category or commodity.

  • Supplier Segmentation & Supplier Relationship Management: Learn how to segment the suppliers that pose the highest risks and rewards to your company. Collaboration leads to shared value. By using actual examples, we will build strong governance models and scorecards that can be used to setting clear expectations and lines of communication.

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